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I just need to write this.

Today I was walking through town and I noticed that a man was sitting in a corner not able to breath properly. There were shop workers standing outside the shop just looking at him, not helping or anything. He did look as if he was less fortunate as he sat there in his ruined clothes and a can of beer. I hanged around for a few minutes and notice that he walked away not being able to breath properly. A man then started shouting for him. It was his friend. He just kept walking. Being the person I am I decided to talk to his friend to see if he needed any help. I rushed off with the man to help. The man was having a serious asthma attack. He didn’t want to speak to me and he kept telling to go away because he was apparently scaring me when deep down I could see in his eyes that he was petrified. I came down to his level and spoke to him in a very calm manor. I managed to get him to calm down and come back to a normal state.  Him and his friend were very grateful  for what I done for them. They seemed to think I was a nurse until I explained to them that I am a 17 year old student who wants to help people. They couldn’t believe it. I sadly found out that the man had lung cancer. The way they stood up, shook my hand and asked my name made me feel so special. If someone looks like they need help don’t just stand there. Go and ask them if they’re okay. What if it was your daughter, son, mum or dad in that situation and no one helped. How would you feel?

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They couldn’t be more wrong.


They couldn’t be more wrong.

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Why is American candy so expensive in the UK?:( I need someone to mail me a care package of the stuff every once in a while!

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